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About Us


      Revive Customs grew out of a small company that had its start repairing old shoes. In 2006 at the age of 16, founder, Evan Macpherson, began painting his own designs on shoes for his high school classmates and teachers. As orders picked up, he created his own process of customizing shoes with paints and applique. Revive Customs started out of the need to create more personalized styles that otherwise would not be produced by large brands.


      In 10 years’ time, Revive Customs took an important shift. Instead of merely decorating pre-existing shoes, he decided to create his own. Now Revive is involved in every aspect of the design development. The shoes are built entirely by hand with high-quality materials. This process is carried out in a Brooklyn studio where each pair created requires an average of 60 hours of labor.


       Being mindful of the environment, Revive was eager to be placed at the center of the design process. By making only what is necessary, he had the power to control his output and maintain high standards. All Revive Customs are made in Brooklyn under one roof. Since shoes are long-lasting and less biodegradable than any other garment or accessory, Revive places an utmost priority on creating a product that is unique and cherished by the wearer.